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Move ▪ Play ▪ Grow



At the Breakthroughs International Conference Malaysia 2021

Move, Play, Grow

Three words, intrinsically linked and coded into the foundation of how we are to journey through this passage called life.

Three separate words but so seamlessly connected for our physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. Experience has demonstrated that one cannot do without the other. Unfortunately, there will be times or congenital situations when one or two are not doing as well as the other, creating an imbalance or stress to the human system. Life is also such that we will always have external or internal factors that could throw a spanner or spanners into the works. We can get thrown off track or get stuck in a place, creating confusion and derailing our physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

To move, is to exist.

We move all the time;

a heartbeat, a thought, a blink, a breath, a smile, a look, a clap, a shout, a skip, a run, a climb, a somersault; everything about us whether automatic or intentional. We move because we have been designed to move.

To play, is to pave the way

for socio-emotional understanding
and awareness of the self and others around us.

We have been designed to have relationship, to share, to experience, to love; everything that is important for emotional stability and strength. After all, we are social animals.

To grow, is to use

our innate intelligence
and abilities to reach our potential;

to always add on and use available tools with understanding; to bring out the best in us, at our pace and time.

At this conference, you will get to meet these amazing people from various movement platforms encapsulating our theme: Move Play Grow. These speakers and presenters will be coming together onto this global online stage to speak about their experiences and developments in the

vast possibilities of human ability to change and thrive,

through practical application of knowledge.


Spanning Across All 3 Time Zones

Programs for each Time Zone are different.

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Time Zone 1

8:00AM – 11:00AM


All 4 Days

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2:00PM – 5:00PM


All 4 Days

Time Zone 3

8:00PM – 11:00PM


All 4 Days

All Countries Will Have Access To All Time Zones

All Sessions will be recorded so that you may view any session that you missed.

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List of Topics

Move, Play and Grow together with People with Dementia and their Caregivers

By Renee Man Yiu CHAN
University Guest Lecturer, Certified Dementia Care Planner, Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant

Fortress Hill,Hong Kong,China

Dementia is currently a common subject being discussed worldwide such as in Hong Kong. According to the data from the Department of Health of Hong Kong, the number of people aged 60 and above with dementia is projected to increase by 222%, from 103,433 in 2009 to 332,688 in 2039, with a large proportion of those […][ Read More]

Giving and Receiving Love, Trust & Belonging with the Syrian Refugee Children

By Noraini Mahmood
Licensed Brain Gym Consultant & Instructor, TFH & RMTi Instructor, Original Play Apprentice


Love, Trust, Belonging – three words that are so simple to theoretically learn and express yet much tougher to put in practice especially when in such dire situations of trauma of war & lost of homes and families. Our training in Original Play with Dr O. Fred Donaldson Ph.D. were put on different dimension when we embarked […]
[ Read More]

Personal Power of One

By Token Plaskett
Owner/Instructor/Consultant of Learningmoves, Brain Gym Instructor, Touch for Health Instructor

Sandy,United States

In a world of ever-increasing conflict and misunderstanding the need has never been greater to heal relationships, trauma, and personal conflict. Purpose of the course: To fulfill a need, a basic human hunger for the resolution of conflict, to provide for the safety of individuality within a group. Main objectives: To provide experience in resolving conflict using […]
[ Read More]

Brain Gym Slovenia

By Mojca Vilfan
Brain gym instructor and consultant; special and regular education teacher


Brain Gym® grows in Slovenia. A lot of individuals, mostly teachers, and also others working with people or parents with their children, have found benefits of using Brain Gym in their everyday life.  We have learned that individual growth is fine, however, sharing it with others multiplies the benefits.  We are organizing an Association for people […]
[ Read More]

Children’s Rights in a Classroom: Successful Marriage of Brain Gym(R) and Pedagogical Ideas

By Mariola Strahlberg
Brain Gym(R) consultant, licensed acupuncturist, author, creator of the Five Star Program(R) and founder of the Janusz Korczak Association of the USA

Hillsdale,United States

In her presentation, Ms. Strahlberg presents s “Korczak Model”, in which she suggest various ways to foster creativity, responsibility and a sense of belonging among children in the classroom. She stresses the importance of listening to children about their needs and creating an environment in which lighting, diet, air, sleep and exercise are […]
[ Read More]

Switching On Your Selling

By Jerry Teplitz
Creator Switched-On Courses. Co-author Brain Gym for Business, BTi Board of Directors

Virginia Beach,United States

Do you have difficulty selling Brain Gym? If so, then you need to get yourself switched-on for selling. Selling is actually a process with an opening, researching the client or the industry, making the presentation, amswering objections and questions, making the offer, following-up and last but not least, viewing yourself as successful. Dr. Teplitz is the creator […]
[ Read More]


Over four days, BTI will bring together world instructors sharing exclusive experience in a fully immersive, virtual experience. With a mix of live-streamed speakers, Q&A sessions, pre-recorded broadcasts, networking opportunities, interactive games and more, you can truly customise your learning experience and pick your schedule according to your timing.You’ll gain insights into new development and in-depth knowledge, innovation and business management, navigating the complexities of post COVID-19 impacted world, as well as learning how you can leverage digital connectivity to achieve outstanding success, plus much more.


Extensive speakers

Leading kinesiologist presenting engaging and innovative ideas, industry case stories and actionable insights.


New Insights to New World

You’ll gain insights into new development and in-depth knowledge, innovation and learn the new ways to respond to the complexities of post-COVID-19 impacted world


Future focused

Explore the circumstances of the present, to help you think about the possibilities of the future.


Paradigm Shift in Teaching

You will also get to experience how to leverage digital connectivity to achieve an outstanding virtual learning experience, plus much more.

Globally Accessible, Whole Day

  • Over 4 days, 9 hours each day, a total of 32 hours!
  • 3 time periods each day: Morning, Afternoon and Evening
  • Allows global participants to join live sessions.
  • Live sessions will be recorded for those who missed


Immersive Experience

  • Participate LIVE meetings or watch later, available up to 1 month later
  • Live Q&As session for each presentation
  • Join interactive Discussion Panels in live.
  • Take the opportunity to ask speakers questions directly.
  • Networking and Connect 1-on-1 with participants from around the world.


How To Navigate The Event Hub

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Learn about what you can do on this hub, and how to navigate from session to session quickly from the video beside. (You may even attend this event from your mobile device, almost anywhere you are! Here is how:)


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