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Viv Hailwood, Founder and CEO of the BrainChild Developmental Programme in the UK, will be presenting on the topic “Children I Have Known” at the Breakthroughs International Conference (BTiC) Malaysia 2021.

The plight of children with neuro-developmental issues – diagnosed and undiagnosed – and their families, is still low on society’s priorities, in comparison to how large of a problem it is. So many children are locked into under-fulfilment, and they deserve to be helped to thrive.

In this presentation, Hailwood will look at the impact of neurodevelopmental issues on a child, their family, our economy, and the global community. An overview of the statistics and also the challenge of the scarcity of reliable, comparative data on the subject will help tell the story.

But certainly, the trend of neurodevelopmental problems is increasing in number, affecting more and more children personally in their quality of life and learning. The presentation will consider why this is happening, and also explore the inequality of research resources and the reluctance of establishment institutions to recognise the current and future impact of this trend on schools and employment in the future.

Enabling and increasing the availability for neurological development programmes is especially needed for children in areas of high deprivation, in the looked-after sector, and among adopted children.

Shedding light on neurological disorders through experience with actual children

Viv Hailwood draws upon her many years of experience at BrainChild, where they help children and young people figure out any developmental disorders to release them from their limitations. Through a paradigm of education, they empower families to help their children for themselves. Likewise, they developed the EBO programme for schools to help the pupils for themselves.

Hailwood says that developmental programmes must be fun and active, in order to be effective. And through her work over the years, she has come across numerous neurodevelopmental diagnoses, for which she has developed neurological development programmes that work. Among the most common disorders that she will touch on during her presentation are:

  • ADHD/ADD, which affect focus and attention,
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which present in anxiety, fears, obsessive behaviours and communication difficulties,
  • Dyslexia, which results in information processing, reading, writing and spelling difficulties, and
  • Developmental Dyspraxia, which shows up in physical difficulties such as balance, coordination and motor control.

However, there are many sides to these diagnoses, so in her presentation, Hailwood will be looking at them from the point of view of actual difficulties that children in her practice have experienced, using past clients as real-life case studies to learn from.

Learn more at BTiC 2021

To learn more from her rich experience, be sure to sign up for Breakthroughs International Conference (BTiC) Malaysia 2021 and join her presentation on Children I Have Known. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions is a “live” Q&A session as well.

To learn more about the Conference and to purchase tickets before they’re sold out, please visit: https://btic2021.online/