Children’s Rights in a Classroom: Successful Marriage of Brain Gym® and Pedagogical Ideas

By Mariola Strahlberg

In her presentation, Ms. Strahlberg presents s “Korczak Model”, in which she suggest various ways to foster creativity, responsibility and a sense of belonging among children in the classroom. She stresses the importance of listening to children about their needs and creating an environment in which lighting, diet, air, sleep and exercise are considered as important as actual subject learning. Her book, The Five Star Program®: A Step By Step Teachers Guide To Innovative Classroom Strategies that Awaken Students’ Unique Potential, provides clear and simple ways to prepare for the learning activity, followed by Brain Gym® movements before the activity, focused attention for 20 minutes and a possibility for a 1-2 minutes break before the next 20 minutes of focused attention. Children in the classrooms that use The Five Star Program® are happier, healthier, have an easier time learning and paying attention and many overcome their learning difficulties without special adjunct therapies.