Signing Up The Event

You will be joining the event via live Zoom Meeting, and all sessions will be hosted fully on the Internet. Ticket purchase is required to join. Once you receive your ticket, a link will be given via email for you to join the virtual sessions. Sign-up opens in April 2021.

Yes, students/Youth will get 70% discount and will be available in mid June.

This year we are hosting 12 different sessions across 4 days, each with 1 plenary discussion, opening and closing circle and workshop presentations. There is no concurrent parallel sessions. We have strived to make our program inclusive to an international audience. The program will be available in June 2021.

Our virtual software has limited capacity so we will not be able to accommodate.

About the Virtual Event Hub

We are using a combination of Eventee and Zoom Webinar. More details on our virtual conference software will be posted in June and July 2021.

Yes! Our online software will allow for chats within the virtual event space. We are exploring more options for networking and will update the website and program as they are confirmed.

Yes, so that you can catch up with those you missed (due to different time zones). It will be available for 1 month and only available for registered attendees.

You can access the recorded sessions once after the session is completed the same way you access the live session from within our online software.

Attending The Event

No, we are unable to provide any refund. However you can transfer to another person by re-assigning the registration email address. Please locate the email sent to you by, you will find a Re-assign button there. You may read about our refund policy on our Disclamer page

The 2021 conference is completely virtual, there is no need to apply for a visa!

Yes, each attendee will receive an e-Certificate of Attendance, which will indicate the credit hours you have earned (max 32 credit hours) and you can use it for your re-licensures. Workshop presenters will also get your seperate e-certificate. Information on how to obtain those will be sent out following the event.

Yes! Our event is hosted on a versatile platform, and you can install the “Eventee” App on your Android or iOS mobile phone and attend each session on the go. Know more about your mobile features here Beautiful Mobile App for Your In-person or Virtual Event (

Presenting for Conference

Yes, guidelines are now available on our Facebook Close Group for Presenters. If you are a presenter, remember to join the Facebook group. You may find the group at our Facebook Page here:

Presenters will be given 15-20 minutes to present their work on PRE-RECORDED video, and an additional 10-15 minutes for live Q&A, for a total of 30 minutes. Presenters will be able to share their additional screens during live session, but they are not required. Presentations will be done on Zoom Meeting where participants will have opportunity to join live. Almost all presentation software is compatible with Zoom. Videos will be live streamed to each attendees via controlled by our online software (Eventee) in order to ensure a smooth experience and not via Zoom. You will have to share your own screen and advance your own slides if you have further presentation slides during live session. More guidance on how presenters will connect through Zoom will be provided in August at our Facebook Closed Group for Presenters. The full program will be announced by mid-June.

We are exploring options for our presenters to have a chance to practice using the Zoom software somewhere in July. Stay tuned with our announcement on your email.

Our online software will allow participants to comment and rate the presentations, including asking questions to the presenters. Once the event goes live, participants will get to attend each presentation when the specific time slot arrives and the video will be made available. In order to encourage participation, we will allocate specific time slots in the program for panel discussions. The full program will be announced by mid-June.

Preparing for Your Presentation

Yes. Once your presentation paper is accepted, you will be sent with a special link to purchase the event ticket at a very special price.

Presenters will need to submit their presentation slides in PowerPoint format only. If your live session does not require presentation slides then you don’t need to submit your slides.

Yes, you will need to upload your video and presentation slides (if applicable) us once you have been accepted for presentation and purchased your discounted ticket no later than 30 May, 2021. The method of sending us your materials can be found at our Facebook Closed Group for Presenters.

Yes, you may have more than one presenter at a time because this is a Zoom Meeting. We encourage the second presenter to be engaged in the chat and available to answer any questions if necessary. However, each presenter will have to get their own valid presenter ticket separately.

Workshop Presenting

Yes, a moderator will act as a host to assist you during your live session, and manage the Q&A along with you.

Full video you provided will still belongs to you, however the recorded session along with any portion of your video recorded during the session might be used for future publicity and awareness purposes. Unless authors specifically request not to share any of their videos.

You will have to purchase a Full Participant Access Pass in order to attend the conference. Therefore we encourage you to make all effort to proceed with your presentation. In case you really are not able to present, your Presenter ticket will be voided without a refund. Please contact our speaker team at to discuss your case.



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