Personal Power of One

By Token Plaskett

In a world of ever-increasing conflict and misunderstanding, the need has never been greater to heal relationships, trauma, and personal conflict. Purpose of the course: To fulfill a need, a basic human hunger for the resolution of conflict, to provide for the safety of individuality within a group.

The resolution; to put all the factors (the people) on the same side of the equation. The solution is then created on the other side. It will usually be a new creation. In my presentation, I will be sharing a sample of some tools anyone can apply to life, and acknowledge their own ethics & values, repair relationships, release stress, and overcome conflict.

Main objectives:

  • To provide experience in resolving conflict using a “Heuristic” model of learning and one’s own code of ethics.
  • To offer this in an atmosphere of play and exploration.
  • To offer skills, tools and procedures students can use for themselves and with others (both as individuals and in groups).
  • To put all of this in the “self-responsibility model”.


“I have a deep belief in the soul of man and an inner rising that propels each of us to reach beyond what circumstances proclaim we ‘should’ be able to do. I believe we tap into this reaching when we work with others and encourage them to build on strengths they already possess. In facing conflicts, we have the opportunity to test the strength of our inner convictions and to build on them, as we learn to increase:

  • Conscious skills of communication
  • Community building
  • Personal growth
  • The crown of responsibility


Most importantly, by exploring, discovering and applying the resolutions they create, we are supporting students in the most vitally human experience they can have: the successful application of their own ideals.” -Sharon Plaskett