Move, Play and Grow together with People with Dementia and their Caregivers

By Renee Man Yiu CHAN
Brain Health Coach/Consultant

Fortress Hill,Hong Kong,China

Dementia is currently a common subject being discussed worldwide such as in Hong Kong. According to the data from the Department of Health of Hong Kong, the number of people aged 60 and above with dementia is projected to increase by 222%, from 103,433 in 2009 to 332,688 in 2039, with a large proportion of those […]
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Giving and Receiving Love, Trust & Belonging with the Syrian Refugee Children

By Noraini Mahmood
Licensed Brain Gym Consultant & Instructor, TFH & RMTi Instructor, Original Play Apprentice


Love, Trust, Belonging – three words that are so simple to theoretically learn and express yet much tougher to put in practice especially when in such dire situations of trauma of war & lost of homes and families. Our training in Original Play with Dr O. Fred Donaldson Ph.D. were put on different dimension when we embarked […]
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Personal Power of One

By Token Plaskett
Owner/Instructor/Consultant of Learningmoves, Brain Gym Instructor, Touch for Health Instructor

Sandy,United States

In a world of ever-increasing conflict and misunderstanding the need has never been greater to heal relationships, trauma, and personal conflict. Purpose of the course: To fulfill a need, a basic human hunger for the resolution of conflict, to provide for the safety of individuality within a group. Main objectives: To provide experience in resolving conflict using […]
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Brain Gym Slovenia

By Mojca Vilfan
Brain gym instructor and consultant; special and regular education teacher


Brain gym grows in Slovenia. A lot of individuals, mostly teachers, but also others, working with people or parents with their kids, have found benefits of using Brain gym in their every day. We have learnt that individual grow is fine, but sharing it with others multiplies the benefits. So we are organising an organisation for people […]
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What’s Next? Simple Solutions to Integrate our Newly Found Knowledge into our Clinical Practise

By Lee-Anne MacLeod
Specialist Level 6 Kinesiologist, Director, Author, Registered Kinesiology Practitioner –AKA Level 6, Dip Kin, Dip I.H., Dip NQH

North Fremantle,Australia

Innovative ways to Integrate our Knowledge. Many of us have a wealth of tools and information from heaps of Brain Gym, Kinesiology and therapeutic study, conferences, webinars and other professional skills. We tend to not use much of this, as we are unsure of how to integrate these new ideas and skills into our clinic sessions. In […]
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Switching On Your Selling

By Jerry Teplitz
Creator Switched-On Courses. Co-author Brain Gym for Business, BTi Board of Directors

Virginia Beach,United States

Do you have difficulty selling Brain Gym? If so, then you need to get yourself switched-on for selling. Selling is actually a process with an opening, researching the client or the industry, making the presentation, answering objections and questions, making the offer, following-up and last but not least, viewing yourself as successful. Dr. Teplitz is the creator […]
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Re-write Your Life: Re-build Happiness After Major Stress

By Larhken B Carroll
Transformation Guide

Oakland,United States

Re-write Your LifeRe-build happiness after major stress What if you could rewrite your life?If you could build in happiness and fulfillment?You may not think it’s possible, but I’ve been doing just that with people for over thirty years How do I do that? I’ll share some keys with you today. Major life changes – and who hasn’t […]
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Brain Health Training for Parents and Educators

By Nasreen Ma
Brain Health Coach/Consultant

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a chef and many other profession require training and certification to become a professional practitioner in their respective field. However no parent is obliged to go through a degree to be certified as a parent, yet being a parent is one of the most important jobs in the world, seeing that […]
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Lesson Planning with Sense, Feel And Know

By Ng Chin Wern
Special Needs Educator

Seremban, Malaysia

Planning lesson is a must for every teacher. Planning lessons ahead will increase the effectiveness of teaching. However, had you ever noticed that sometimes your students were not engaged in your activities? Students get frustrated easily during your lesson or are you feeling helpless when the activity does not go as you wish? Here, with the […]
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My Personal Power-conception and Pregnancy and Birth

By Renate Wennekes
Educational Kinesiologist


The way you experienced these phases of life with your own intentions, potential of curiositiy, growing and initiative characterizes your whole life. Your decision to come here in conception, your experiences with the world via the womb of your mother and the adventure of meeting the world in the birth process orchestrates your being. The way how […]
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Empower Yourself by a Self-healing AMSTAR Technique

By Lucie Papikova
Swiss certified Kinesiologist. Stress therapist. Brain Gym® instructor.  AMSTAR instructor.  President of Brain Gym® Switzerl


Have you ever experienced a feeling in your body that was clouding your day? How would you feel if you could dissolve it and empower yourself at the same time? Sounds motivating? When I notice an uncomfortable feeling, my first reaction is often to ignore it. But the feeling does not go away! More I ignore it, […]
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Children’s Rights in a Classroom: Successful Marriage of Brain Gym® and Pedagogical Ideas of Dr. Janusz Korczak

By Mariola Strahlberg
Brain Gym(R) consultant, licensed acupuncturist, author, creator of Five Star Program(R) and founder of Janusz Korczak Association of the USA

Hillsdale,United States

In her presentation, Ms. Strahlberg presents s “Korczak Model”, in which she suggest various ways to foster creativity, responsibility and a sense of belonging among children in the classroom. She stresses the importance of listening to children about their needs and creating an environment in which lighting, diet, air, sleep and […]
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From Schools Reject to Leader Among Students: A Successful Drawing Out Approach

By Koh Li Li
Founder and principal of Little Sun Kiddyland Care Centre


A transformation story of a boy who once was rejected by schools and no one would want to bring him out from the house due to his ADHD and GDD challenges, through organic behavioral transformation approach. When we the adult are in stress mode, we act too fast wanting to quick fixed presented issues or situation […]
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3 P.L.A.Y. to a HARMONY Family –  A Practical Balance Experience for my Family

By Jade Chong

Kota Kinabalu,Malaysia

Our family is a usual family with full of joys and noises. Children fight over everything and even time with me. Sometimes, when I get pissed off, I shout to kids and my husband might step in and shout to kids as well. As he wants the kids listen and respect to the mother. However, this makes […]
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Kinesiology 4 Numeracy

By Sue Peace
Brain Gym Instructor

Garndolbenmaen,United Kingdom

Kinesiology 4 Numeracy (K4N) addresses the physical movements that are the foundations for mathematical learning. The course aims at making a match between the mathematical/numerical concepts necessary to learn and the movements that can support this learning.We begin with the concept of the quantity of “five” and use “Think of an X” as a base for the […]
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Movement Breaks for Remote Learning

By Lely Tobing
Early Childhood Educator


Children has been learning in new ways since the coronavirus pandemic began. Movements breaks can be an important way to fill the gaps both in children’s daily school schedule and in their developmental needs. Brain breaks are short, expected periods of time scheduled in between learning tasks that allow kids to engage in a different type of activity, from […]
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Muscial Movements

By Geeta Dalal
HOD, Learner Support Centre


Musical Movements is about moving the hands on the djembes or on the body that leads to waking up, shaking up and then calming down the brain. Drumming and music on the body both develop concentration, and increase the heart rate. This releases the hormones serotonin, dopamine […]
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My Job – Play, Move & Learn

By Koraljka Zepec
Special Education Teacher


My job as a special education teacher is to find the best way for children with special needs to achieve the best they can. And they can – through movement, play and having fun. Brain Gym activities provide us exactly that. We combine them with music, dancing, painting, games – in a fun way, so kids enjoy, […]
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Movement Play in Learning

By Hee Wai Che
Early Year Teacher


Move, learn and play are important development stages for young children. Children are using their senses to explore and to adapt to their learning environment in order they can acquire the skills. As we think every movement is as simple and easy in the world. Our bodies are designed to run, jump, and walk and manipulated […]
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Surprise Teaching Autistic Child

By Dr Kannamah M
Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Batu Caves,Malaysia

Working with an autistic child who shows tantrums and meltdown using exercises and brain gym. In one session, unable to get to the child. Tried light therapy. Surprised. It helped to calm the child. Then continued to work with the rest of the class with ease. Surprise. In the next session, the child starts looking for something. […]
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The “O so Lazy 8” Exercise Program

By Caroline Petra Adriaanse
Senior physiotherapist and occupational therapist


The core is the centre of control for everything else the body does. It will be difficult to sit up straight, stand up, balance and walk if we don’t have sufficient core strength. We need our core muscles to help us perform coordinated movements on both side of the body to balance and to perform our […]
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How to become one’s own best friend!

By Coraline Bonzon
Power coach in Vulnerability – Double Doodle Play Teacher


Become my best friend? I, of course I love myself, what a weird question. How could it be otherwise? I live with myself on a daily basis… As I was wondering what was the point of that question…I suddenly felt catapulted a few days back … on a Sunday morning while I was getting ready to spend a […]
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The Relationship of Teaching Abacus and Mental Arithmetic with Brain Gym

By Susanti Kho
Master Trainer in Sempoasip , OBO, DDPT, Brain Gym for Special Need and Hands-on Brain Gym Instructor


We follow 3 dimensions of learning in Brain Gym while teaching abacus and mental arithmetic in sempoa sip. In particular: Focus dimension In order to make students feel safe and spark a desire to learn the abacus, we strive to create a good learning environment for our students. Our books are designed to be children-friendly. We also […]
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Energy Physiology of Brain Gym’s Button Exercises

By Henry Remanlay
Brain Gym and Touch For Health International Faculty, Acupuncturist, Director of Dr.Tan & Remanlay Institute

Tangerang Selatan,Indonesia

We are going to explore the physiology of energy or Qi, and it’s relation to Brain Gym’s buttons exercises, such as Brain button, Earth button, Space button, and The importance of water and what is three dimensions rationale to energy. The energy is explored from the perspective of Bio physics and Chinese medicine practice and how it […]
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The Partnership of Movement with Development

By Vaishali Bafna
Founder, Thinkashram Centre for learning and growth, Mumbai


Vision Circles offers a movement palette to set the metaphor for the developmental theories designed by eminent developmental scientists. In the tradition of developmental stage models, Jane Loevinger has presented the stages of ego development. A close analysis and correlation of this model with Vision Circles clearly establishes Vision Circles movements as a clear map to follow […]
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Looking at Extending the Brain Gym Activities

By Kay McCarroll
UK Educational Kinesiology Faculty & McTimoney Chiropractor

London,United Kingdom

In this workshop Kay will take you through the Lengthening Activities in an exciting way that relates to how they work with the body, how these exercises expand breathing, help eye muscle strain; relate to different muscle systems that help with body functions, and much more. An advantage of these exercises is to see how they can help with […]
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Playing with Reflexes in The Classroom

By Gillian Brooksmith
Neurodevelopmental Consultant

Kettering,United Kingdom

In this dynamic presentation you will learn which are the key reflexes that affect academic success. A week by week programme will be presented showing how Brain Gym movements and games can be included in the classroom and during Phys Ed. This programme improves concentration, reading and writing while keeping the children engaged and focussed. Included in this programme is how to notice which reflexes are having the most impact […]
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Music in Sync – Focusing, Centering, Organizing through Music Fun and Play

By Erliana Ouyang
Creative Music and Movement Specialist


Music supports and strengthens the language learning pathways in the brain, as a steady rhythm gives a sense of predictability, stability, and security.

Music, Movement, and Play create a safe space  for ease of learning as well as enhancing individual/group social-emotional growth […]
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The Journey of The First Arabic Movement Facilitator Training Group

By Mona Al-Fajem
Kinesiology Instructor/Consultant

Al-Khobar,Saudi Arabia

This presentation shares the journey of the first group ever to become Brain Gym Movement Facilitators through online training. What started as a support and review group at the beginning of COVID lockdown, turned into an training track for people […]
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Chemotherapy and Double Doodle Journey

By Glenys Leadbeater
International Faculty Level 3 instructor

Albany,New Zealand

Diagnosed in 2015 with Breast cancer, with the lump removed and no further treatment, 3 years later, I developed an aggressive form of secondary cancer, with bone metastasis and liver lesions. . Having had 3 different pill medications over 2 years, The bone disease became stable, however the liver was not responding so Intravenous Chemotherapy was the next line of defense. […]
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Aligning to Edu-K’s Five Principles of Learning

By Cindy Goldade
International Faculty, Educational Consultant

Columbus,United States

The Five Principles of Learning are the foundation to every course on the Brain Gym® curriculum. Do you know what they are? Draw Out: Intelligence is inborn. Focus: Attention follows intention. Notice: We learn what we actively experience. Move to Learn: Growth is a search for balance, imbalance is a search for growth. Interconnect: Each of us […]
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The Relationship Between Communication and Movement Within the Context of The 3 Dimensions of Learning

By Sue Walker
Speech Therapist & Educational Kinesiologist


To introduce this topic, we will start with a brief explanation of what is really meant by the term ‘Communication’, how this acquired skill fits into ‘The Hierarchy of Learning’ paradigm, and the Edu-K concept of ‘The 3 Dimensions of Learning’, as well as a quick look into the intrinsic relationship between communication and movement. […]
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