The Relationship Between Communication and Movement Within the Context of The 3 Dimensions of Learning

By Sue Walker

To introduce this topic, we will start with a brief explanation of what is really meant by the term ‘Communication’, how this acquired skill fits into ‘The Hierarchy of Learning’ paradigm, and the Edu-K concept of ‘The 3 Dimensions of Learning’, as well as a quick look into the intrinsic relationship between communication and movement.

We will then continue by discussing how the development and refinement of each domain of communication may be impacted – either negatively or positively – by awareness of, and movement in, the different anatomical planes.

We will explore the physiological, neurological, metaphorical and motoric (kinesthetic) implications of specific postures and movement patterns and how certain Brain Gym activities can assist in bringing greater balance, organization and alignment to both the body and the mind, in turn facilitating ease, confidence and efficacy in all areas of communication.

The presentation will be accompanied by slides highlighting points of particular interest and clarifying explanations. The slideshow will also include a number of short video clips demonstrating some of the Brain Gym movements referred to in the presentation.

It is anticipated that participants will take away from this presentation a greater understanding of the term ‘Communication’ and a new-found appreciation of the importance of movement, especially the Brain Gym movements, in the development and mastery of all aspects of this basic but essential skill.